Ab Kettleby Parish Council

Serving the people of Ab Kettleby, Holwell and Wartnaby

Clerk: Victoria Pashley
The Old Post Office, 44 Main
Street, Great Dalby, Melton
Mowbray, Leics LE14 2ET

Tel: 07528 366500

Map 1. Ab Kettleby Parish Neighbourhood Plan Area

Map 2. Ab Kettleby - Limits to Development

Map 3. Proposed housing sites A and B

Map 4. Local green space

Map 5. Historic environment

Map 6. Priority habitats

Map 7. Environment sites

Map 8. Regionally important geological sites

Map 9. Wartnaby open spaces

Map 10. Holwell open space

Map 11. Ab Kettleby open space

Map 12. Wildlife corridors

Map 13.1. Wartnaby conservation area

Map 13.2. Ab Kettleby conservation area

Map 13.3. Holwell conservation area

Map 14. Wartnaby local list

Map 15. Ab Kettleby local list

Map 16. Holwell local list

Map 17a. Ridge and furrow in 1999

Map 17b. Ridge and furrow in 2017

Map 18. Views

Map 19. Landscape sensitivity

Map 20. Rights of Way

Geology of the area